The Future @ c-base, Dec 29, 2009

December 23rd, 2009

The space station’s parallel event to 26C3

With comments by ooo Ingo

18:00 Open Moon

The latest on the c-base Open Moon Project.

19:00 Nick Farr on Hacker Banks

Peer Directed Finance Banking as we know it is an outdated concept. We have the technology and financial literacy to be able to perform our own banking, help give our communities the financing they need and help mitigate the corrosive power of banks that are becoming “too big to fail”.

20:00 Ein Heldenleben

Ein Heldenleben

Short film: Join the Illuminati – free the slaves!

This film is about a young man who wakes up in capitalism, joins the Illuminati, enjoys love and finally contributes to the abolishment of the old world. Music was composed by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Schönberg, Lemmy Kilmister, and Hanns Eisler. The huge team of directors works mainly for Hollywood, some of them are French and Russian.

20:30 Neuro evolution will go on!

classless Kulla on Timothy Leary’s model of the nervous system and its past and future development.

A psychology that does without the concept of neurosis? An evolution in which for the nervous system the best is still to come? Leary is wrongly remembered merely as the “LSD pope”. This talk will introduce his scientific work and some of his philosophical models.

21:30 The Future of Sex

Rose White (yarnivore) Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom) Aaron Muszalski

Rose White, Johannes Grenzfurthner and Aaron Muszalski with insights to sex, porn, and technology.

If you ask mainstream pornographers what their vision of the future is, it involves cracking down on piracy making more money re-selling the same generic products in new formats. What about independent pornographers with an eye on longtail markets who are focused on creating “weird” products that most people don’t want to buy? Or consumers who are seeking porn to cater to their special interests not covered in mainstream heteronormative porn? Or people who prefer porn and Real Dolls to sexual involvement with other humans? And, what of the future of computer-generated porn? While the major adult companies are still trying to figure out why people aren’t buying as many $45 DVDs as they used to, more and more niche pornographers, artists, merchants, and performers are popping up to create offbeat erotic entertainment with a small, but enthusiastic fanbase. Join these nerdy perverts for a discussion on the many directions in which the future of porn is really headed.

22:30 Identity Wars: the End of Human Society

Christian Heller (plomlompom)

plomlompom (Christian Heller) on how internet culture challenges the identity mappings that human society depends on.

Our social structures depend on our being locked into stable identities. Internet culture erodes these stabilities. Not only do our political and cultural affiliations become more flexible (which challenges hegemonies like that of the nation, the ethnicity and the political party); it is our very selves, the value of concepts like personhood, humanity and individuality, that become more and more confused in a digital world of identity theft, personalized chatterbots and artificial and/or collective intelligence; a world where borganisms like 4chan’s “Anonymous” start to act as willful political agents. This calls into question not only specific political power distribution systems like “democracy” (dependent on a concept of “citizenship” only for individual human heads that seems old-fashioned in these new contexts) but the very ideas of politics and society themselves.

23:30 xlterrestials’ comment on plomlompom

Disembodied information in utopia might provide some interesting fantasy outlets and MAYbe even some educational, evolutionary + transpersonal + psychodelic-like experiences, but given that societies are in a state of
perpetual colonization, full of predatory mutants and consumer viruses, for one to enter into the avatar medium and imagine producing liberating
futures is a highly problematic venture, if not delusional. And if you are aware of current individual and community obstacles to autonomy, believing that you will construct viable alternatives via the internalized machinery
of the Military Entertainment Complex appears to be about as futile as trying to practice + globalize social justice in a 3-d ( strings, batons,
and corporate media ) Heiligendamm puppet theater. Is there nevertheless tactical value in multiple identities and augmented

@ c-base – Rungestraße 20 – 10179 Berlin-Mitte

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  3. DaddyChronic Says:

    there will be also the weekly jam session and open mic, new mixing console event at c-base spacestation Berlin. so their could be live music later that night. see you there – Liebe Grüße von der Raumstation sendet DaddyChronic

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  5. Heresiarch Says:

    Guten Tag und Ach Du Lieber!

    Treat yourself to a voyage into Dr. Leary’s Exo-Psychology recontextualized

    Auf wiedersehen!

  6. Peter Says:

    Gibts da eigentlich Mitschnitte irgendwelcher Art?

  7. DaddyChronic Says:

    Gibts eigentlich Mitschnitte irgendwelcher Art?

    Jeb ist was da bei

    Sechs Teile oder so. Ist aber wohl nicht von Jocognito. Dazu später mal bei Youtube nach Jocognito googeln.

    Liebe Grüße von der Raumstation.

  8. classless Says:

    Ich sammel gerade noch für ein Nachleseposting zum ganzen Abend – da werden die Mitschnitte auch mit dabei sein!

  9. lasterfahrer Says:

    die soundqualität ist aber sehr fragwürdig. habt ihr das mit dem mikro in der kamera aufgenommen? kameraperspektive ist auch nicht optimal.

  10. classless Says:

    Es gibt einen c-base-Mitschnitt, von dem ich nicht weiß, wann er online sein wird (der vom Vorjahr ist es immer noch nicht) und dieses Video, das Tribble vom Hanfmuseum gemacht hat und das es eben schon gibt. So sieht das aus.

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