The best answer to conspiracism is class struggle

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

After Germany introduced its pandemic protection measures, which were internationally considered to be rather unstrict and much marvelled at, protests against them, demanding their “easings” or even a full end to them, first appeared online and then from late April more and more in the streets. Media coverage first hooked on the so-called “hygiene demonstrations” […]

Neuer Track: “Nothing Wrong”

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Die erste Hörprobe aus der Aufnahmewoche in Hamburg. Es ist nicht wirklich Bad Religion-Breakcore geworden wie ursprünglich angepeilt, davon hat lediglich der Dreiviertel-Punkbeat überlebt. Die Samples sind aus der South Park-Episode “Margaritaville“. classless Kulla & istari Lasterfahrer – Nothing Wrong [audio:] [Guards: “A young jew is speaking heresy towards the economy.” Kyle: “The economy is […]