January 27th, 2015

or: compilation of conspiracies around the death of Alberto Nisman, the chief investigator into the AMIA bombing of 1994

Blog posting by Magui López, original Spanish version: “Nisconspilaciones“, translation by Magui López and me (deutsche Übersetzung)

So I heard and read about Nisman

  • that he killed himself, that he was killed, that he was killed by forced suicide.
  • that the government did it, that Clarin [leading opposition media] did it, that you shouldn’t mess with Cristina [Fernandez de Kirchner, the President of Argentina].
  • that SIDE [Argentinian intelligence, now renamed and put under direct control of the government] did it, that Mossad did it, that it was a carpetazo between several intelligence agencies.
  • that he was into Swingerism, that he felt better as a single, that he was a great dad and that he abandoned his daughter at the airport.
  • that he had 10 Feds guarding him, that he had no guards at all, that he preferred to have his own guns (two, to be precise, and both registered).
  • that his door was locked with a key, that the locksmith said this wasn’t true, that his mother found him and doesn’t remember how.
  • that Berni [Head of National Security] was there before anyone from the Justice system, that there was a medic who couldn’t confirm if he was dead or alive, that Berni is, by the way, also a medic.
  • that he had a great case in which everybody would be implicated, that he had no case at all and it was just a big bubble, that with or without a case he was a possible whistleblower.
  • that he was always a Kirchnerist [currently ruling faction of Peronism], that he was never an Officialist [Peronist], that since 2013 he turned towards the opposition despite everything Nestor [Kirchner] had done for him.
  • that Clarin used him as a puppet, that [Kirchnerist politician and former Piquetero leader] D’Elia swore vengeance against him, that he enjoyed his ten minutes of fame on TV.
  • that he had a great spy, that his spy didn’t spy, that he was no use as a spy.
  • that he was misinformed and then burnt in public, that he burnt himself because he felt obliged to, that if he wouldn’t have burnt himself he would have set the whole country on fire.
  • that everything was going to be clear with the gunpowder sample, that nothing was clear because this type of gun doesn’t leave visible gunpowder traces, that we expected too much from an examination that we knew wouldn’t work.
  • that he always knew who was responsible for the AMIA bombing, that he didn’t know but suspected the responsible people in Iran, that he learnt in Europe who was responsible and came back one week earlier because of that.
  • that the judge of the AMIA case protected him, that various intelligence agencies protected him, that the US embassy controlled him.
  • that nothing better could have happened with [Army leader] Milani and Berni around, that all of this was the work of [former Intelligence head Antonio] Stiusso (who is suspected to have escaped the country) and that “such a coincidence” were the title pages of Clarin in those days (says the President).
  • that he returned “in a hurry” from Europe because he was afraid to be “disappeared” once he finished the investigation. But no! He was not afraid, he just had prime news. But no! He had no prime news, he supsected to be removed from his position and, on top of all, to face prosecution himself.
  • that there were Larroque, Esteche, Cristina, Timerman [the ones most implicated by Nisman]; that there were Lanata and Magnetto [from Clarin]; that there was Lagomarsino and the caliber .22 [the employee of the Prosecution who gave the gun that killed Nisman to Nisman].
  • that there was parallel diplomacy, the official and the blue one (like with dollars and euros, you know…)
  • that the wiretaps misled him, that the wiretaps told him more than he was supposed to know, that he never actually heard the original wiretaps but planted ones, that if he would have heard the real ones he would have understood.
  • that we know all the evidence in the AMIA case, that in reality there is more evidence but the state disappeared everything within its reach, that Iran got its hands on it.
  • that the judicial power is with Kirchnerism, that the judicial power is with the opposition, that it belongs to the more rancid extreme right-wing (which can be Kirchnerist and opposition, just the same).
  • that there were the “local trail”, the “Syrian trail”, the “Iranian trail” (and the one of Anillaco, while we’re at it), or better not any of them.
  • that this is not the fault of the whole judicial system and the system of “security and intelligence”, that it’s just the fault of a bunch of prosecutors that will be put to trial (or not), that we run out of suspects [as in the AMIA case].
  • that there was a memorandum, that the memorandum was repudiated, that we better go after the one that used to be the president (oh no, wait – that one is too useful to achieve majorities in the senate).
  • I would say that all this made clear:
    That we know shit about what happened.
    That we have NO idea of how the investigations into the AMIA bombing developed.
    That the intelligence service are much better organized and more effective than ever.
    That the ignorance we suffer in this topic is so great that any conspiracy theory will prosper, no matter how ridiculous and unfounded (and the conspiracy theory that states the opposite will prosper just as much).
    That the Officialist statements in the social networks are somewhere between frightening and laughable.
    That the mysteries are so numerous, that the corrupt and putrefied structures of intelligence apparatus which were neither dismantled nor scrapped are just as many, that the hidden negotations are so abundant, that communication outside the legal channels is so habitual, that actions outside the legal frame of the investigation are so common – that the possibility of getting a veridical answer is very small.
    That believing in the official investigations now is so ingenuous and blind, while not believing is daunting.
    That the list of “strange deaths” after the end of the last military dictatorship is getting longer, and that Luciano was killed by the police, and Mariano by Pedraza’s gang, but for all the other cases we’re supposed to accept that the open secrets will never be put to justice. And Julio López was also not seen at the Dakar rallye this year.
    That D’Elia was a part of the investigations into the AMIA bombing. Yes. Luis D’Elia. [who is declaredly pro-Iran and was repeatedly accused of antisemitism and holocaust denial]
    That many things that would require sensitivity are dealt with by absolutely sinister individuals.
    That without opening the secret and classified archives (but really opening all of them, or at least all the ones that haven’t been burnt or disappeared yet) and without creating an external, diverse and well-formed commission we won’t get anywhere else than where we have just arrived.

    Thanks to Santi for the equipment and to AFIP for the boredom of waiting.

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