December 15th, 2004

Ein Plakat, das im Aufgang des Tacheles mehrfach aushängt – sämtliche Fehler im Original:

Oil Corporations – The Cause of War and Terror

We know that since 9/11 “war on terror” started under leadership of the brave U.S. President George W. Bush…, “Al Qaeda” and Bin Laden are claimed to be main enemy for all mankind.

But is there “terrorism” at all? Who did invent it?

U.S. wants to control all major oil regions, oil corporations want oil prices to come up. That is why it is profitable for them to promote instability in strategically important regions – the Middle East, the Caucasus.

Stag jobbers use every single possibility to raise oil prices. Big oil corporations persuaded Bush to launch “War on Terror” on Afghanistan and then in Iraq to raise oil prices. Bush and his aides connected with big oil business make a profit from these wars and terror attacks. Oil magnates derive their benefits from the Iraqi resistance using people suffering as one more reason to raise oil prices.

Oil corporations create hostility in other regions, including the Caucasus. They are concerned with oil production in the Caspain Sea and construction of new pipeline. These interests stand beyond terrorism in Chechnya. Long time ago oil corporations had bought up some of the “freedom fighters”, headed by Maskhadov and Zakayev, now they order them new terror attacks and crimes. Ahmed Zakayev, Maskhadov’s representative, helps big oil business. He is believed to act by order of big oil corporations, enabling them to raise oil prices. Zakayev gets his share of payoff from this bloody oil, otherwise how could he afford living in Chelsea, London? “Freedom fighters” don’t live in Chelsea!

Capitalists and their accomplices – such as Bush, Blair, and their small junior companion-in-arms Zakayev kill hundreds and thousands children just in order to gain extra profit from oil production. This must be stopped!

Blood of children is more expensive than oil!

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