Fomenko: History – Fiction or Science? 1

January 2nd, 2005

“The ancient Plato is supposed to have been the founding father of Platonism. His teaching allegedly falls into oblivion for centuries to come, and is revived by the famous Neoplatonist Plotin, allegedly 205-270 A.D. The similiarity of his name to that of his teacher is purely accidental, of course. Then Neoplatonism perishes as well, in order to be revived again in the XV century A.D. by another famous Platonist – Gemisto Pleton, whose name is also identical to that of his teacher as a result of sheer coincidence.” (p. 53)

Über Datierungsmethoden: “Firstly, one fails to understand what citeria of similarity have been used here… This method, which is also known as “the dominoes method”, and all similar ones are based on pure unadultared subjectivism, and, principally, on the Scaligerian chronology.” (p. 60)

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