I luvz my spam

March 7th, 2007

Passend zum Blognamen generiert? Bzw. eben extra unpassend?

>>No more classes

Obtain a prosperous future, money-earning power and
the prestige that comes with having the career position you’ve
always dreamed of…
<< Cut-up oder was? >>Featured Quotation Marks

For example, our USB Hub Drive products enable users to easily and securely exchange huge amounts of data between computers or notebooks that have a USB port. It’s not that surprising. Curiously, though, our squid video enjoyed a bounce from all the publicity, and was viewed 758 times yesterday. However, the point of leadership always starts with an audience of one.<< And more: >>>Egotism

ApplyDispatchBehavior: Army, ADT, Aaron’s and Champs among the league’s marketing partners. That’s exactly what he envisioned. There is a strong basis for schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental disorder, and the illness may result from several factors: They just don’t get it.
“Obviously we missed Marion.”
“I would find it highly unlikely,” he said.
“We talked about progress all year long and this is one of those things we were looking for.”
Destinations throughout Europe.
<< Wenn es kulturell nochmal so eine Welle wie Punk geben sollte, wird sie wohl Spam heißen. Damals Abfallprodukte der Produktion, dann Abfallprodukte der Kommunikation. Ich bin schon gespannt, wie das klingen wird. Bzw. wie es so als Projektion im Raum stehen wird.

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  1. Gismo C. Says:

    SPAMs not dead! there is a future.. *lol*

    Jo, danke fuer dieses kleine philosophische goldstueck.

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