Al-Quds-Tag im Iran

September 20th, 2009

Die New York Times über den Freitag in Teheran:

>>[Ahmadinedschad] used the annual rally for Jerusalem Day, also known as Quds Day, to deliver a fiery anti-Israeli speech in which he called the Holocaust “a lie” and impugned the West again for its criticisms of Iran’s disputed June 12 presidential election.

But his efforts to recapture the stage were largely drowned out by a tumultuous day of street rallies, in which the three main opposition leaders marched with their followers for the first time in months. Flouting the official government message of support for Palestinian militants, they chanted, “No to Gaza and Lebanon, I will give my life for Iran.”<< Und in Shiraz: >>The protesters, ignoring stern official warnings not to use the annual pro-Palestinian rally as a pretext for demonstrations, showed up in large numbers wearing the trademark bright green color of the opposition.

When government men shouted “Death to Israel” through loudspeakers, protesters derisively chanted “Death to Russia” in response. Many opposition supporters are angry about Russia’s quick acceptance of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s electoral victory.<< Das Spectator-Blog Coffeehouse kommentiert:

>>Admittedly, the opposition supporters were outnumbered by regime loyalists. But given that the Revolutionary Guard had said that all protesters would be treated as Israeli spies it is encouraging, and humbling, that so many people were prepared to turn out yesterday and confront the government.<< Summa: Die Proteste scheinen also von bürgerlichen Nationalisten getragen zu werden, unter denen es aber einige gibt, die sich offenbar nicht mehr einreden lassen, Israel wäre ihre größte Bedrohung.

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    Eigentlich alle Voraussetzungen für die Aufstellung einer Exilregierung, fehlt nur ein Ort wo diese sowohl sicher als auch unabhängig wäre.

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