Bad idea

June 25th, 2010

>>This book is a history of drug-taking and therefore a history of emotional extremes. It tells the story across five centuries of addicts and users (…) Although it is primarily a history of people and of places, it is also the history of one bad idea: prohibition.<< Richard Davenport-Hines: The Pursuit of Oblivion. A Global History of Narcotics

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  1. Aktionskletterer Says:

    Prohibition is not just a bad idea but also a real deficit of freedom, as well as a toxic asset on any historical ambition for political legitimacy. Which makes the current international institutions and their national decomposition products a technical aberration of a failed system, unless they unconditionally accept the political insolvency administration from the information society. For the battle to free the sacred plants this implies that attacks are to be directed against those institutions and officials of government who are interested in a symbolical figleaf to cover their sick addiction for surveillance and spiritual abuse.

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