Chaos Congress C-Side: The Geek Insurrection

December 7th, 2010

27C3 parallel event @ c-base, Dec 28, 2010

Entry is free, no 27C3 ticket required!

18:00 mspro: Von der Polis zum Anderen. Die Genese der neuen Öffentlichkeit

Der Grundsatz “öffentliche Daten nützen, private Daten schützen” stößt an die Grenzen seiner Tragfähigkeit. Er stößt, um genau zu sein, an eben die Grenze, auf der diese Unterscheidung beruht. Und das nicht nur, weil Daten sich nicht so sehr dafür zu interessieren scheinen, auf welcher der beiden Seiten wir sie zuordnen. Auch uns fehlen immer öfter die Kriterien, um zu beurteilen, was “Öffentlichkeit” im Internet überhaupt bedeutet. Ein Umstand, den man anhand der Sprachlosigkeit des CCC während der Street-View-Debatte gut beobachten konnte. (…) Öffentlichkeit im Internet muss vom Anderen ausgehend gedacht werden.

Kompletter Einreichungstext

19:00 Insurrection Videos

Soundtracks & footage from the coming and going global insurrection.

19:15 classless Kulla: It’s leaking everywhere! Buckets and diapers for the incontinent system? Why Transparency and The Truth™ won’t make you free

The truth about domination and exploitation has not been popularized by Wikileaks and other campaigns for transparency: that they need to be abolished in order for humans to be free. The comparably petty truths about this crime or that corruption won’t help with that, even more, focusing on these “well d’uh”s as unraveled secrets is maintaining the top secret status of the obvious: for millions of people, “Access All Areas” is about the food section of the nearest supermarket.

Original german submission text

20:00 Dmytri Kleiner: P2P Communism Vs The Client Server State – the political economy of network topologies

Presentation about why capitalists love star networks and hate mesh networks, and why with communists it’s the other way around. Example: thimbl – Don’t be a Twit, it feels good to be Fingered!

21:00 Ellen Dudley: Designing electronics as social objects

Social objects are an important trigger for conversation and human connection in physical and virtual worlds. In the physical world, they are books, newspapers, mobile phones and stickers on laptops. Online, they are photographs on flickr, tweets, avatars, weapons, or designs on

They have, over history, influenced our interactions, as their abundance increases the social potential of a space, triggering curiosity and questions and conversations; and their scarcity brings anonymity, and silence.

As builders and hackers, by creating technology fueled social objects, we can tap into the wealth of social objects online that fuel online conversations, and control and decorate the spaces around us, in order to better demonstrate to each other, our personalities, and therefore have more information fed to us in our physical world. The person sitting next to you on the bus, reading a book about golf, may also love arduinos, and processing, but you won’t know that unless you start talking to him – and if you aren’t interested in golf, you may never bother. But if this person wants people to know about his interests, he can “show” this personality trait, using a screen that is attached to his shirt, that sends out “talk to me about” messages depending on his mood, or through a bracelet that has up to date info on his last tweet.

So we can fill our physical spaces with more rich contextual social objects. We can tap into our personalities online, and bring them into our public spaces, where they can be a source for more relevant human-to-human interactions, based on the mutual interests that we choose to divulge to the people around us.

More on &

21:45 Jeff Man: How Does Technology Feel?

That means, how does technology make us feel, what kind of psychological dimensions and implications does it have, and also looking at humans and technology as a kind of complex living system that may have emergent “feelings” and “desires” that can’t be derived directly from its constituent parts (humans and machines).

22:00 Pod/xlterrestials: Citizen Kino. A Live Media Intervention

This is A declaration of media self-defense! XLT and PSYCHOMEDIA analyst Dr. Podinski host a Live and interactive screening of rare, fresh + highly controversial collection of international short films and tactical media from the Radical Overground. Cinematic scenarios which become an irresistible platform for participation + discussion + solution scheming + revolt (with a smile)!

Techno Phantasms and Changing the Operating System: We’ve been swimming or drowning in a Spectacle 2.0 for some time now. XLterrestrials investigate new directions for extricating ourselves from the occupied and highly mediated territories. To change The Operating System in these dangerous times, requires a hybrid of 3 (at least) methodologies: technological, political, and behavioral. The 3rd, as a movement, has been given scant attention, and hasn’t been sufficiently reframed, upgraded and/or hacked since the “techno phantasms” began to colonize the social ecology.

@ c-base – Rungestraße 20 – 10179 Berlin-Mitte

16 Responses to “Chaos Congress C-Side: The Geek Insurrection”

  1. Wolfgang Says:

    Das klingt alles recht interessant. Werde wohl vorbeikommen, je nachdem(ob dann am ende des monats noch etwas geld übrig ist).

    “Truth is just another lie yet unveiled.”

  2. Sollbruchphantasien Says:


  3. classless Says:

    @ Wolfgang

    Eintritt ist, soweit ich weiß, frei.

    @ Sollbruchphantasien

    Kannste gerne machen!

  4. lasterfahrerei Says:

    bitte aber auch miteinbauen: der ladendiebstahl oder plünderung von heute ändert auch nichts an der »Wahrheit über Herrschaft und Ausbeutung«, wenn morgen alles wie gewohnt verkauft wird. letztendlich fürt dies auch zu einer optimierung der überwachungs- und der kontrollgessellschaft.

  5. jm Says:

    Zu Transparenz und WikiLeaks mein Senf hier:

  6. Marodeur Says:

    Diese fast schon wieder auf grandiose Weise irrsinnigen Kommentare hier überall sind doch bitte nicht wirklich euer Ernst, oder?

  7. dr0fn0thing Says:

    leo trotzki zu wikileaks:

    “The workers’ and peasants’ Government abolishes secret diplomacy and its intrigues, codes, and lies. We have nothing to hide. Our programme, expresses the ardent wishes of millions of workers, soldiers, and peasants. We want the rule of capital to be overthrown as possible. In exposing to the entire world the work of the ruling classes, as expressed in the secret diplomatic documents, we address the workers with the call which forms the unchangeable foundation of our foreign policy: ‘Proletarians of all countries, unite.’ “

  8. C-Base BerlinSides a.k.a. BSides27C3 < kickturn Says:

    […] Das werd ich mir dieses Jahr gönnen, hab kein Ticket mehr für die 27c3 bekommen. […]

  9. Donauwelle Says:

    @Maroder – 😉

  10. Wolfgang Says:

    Kannst du bitte etwas deutlicher werden und beispiele nennen für “die auf grandiose weise irrsinnigen kommentare hier überall”? Was ist dein referenz-rahmen für grandios, irrsinnig und ernst? Sags mir, ich bin neugierig. Sind es die zu normen erhobenen “erkenntnisse” namhafter wissens-schafftler? Oder ist es das “gesunde volksempfinden”? Oder ist es gar dein “eigener” “gesunder menschenverstand”? Wenn dem so ist, dann wärst du besser dort aufgehoben: 😉

  11. melange Says:

    @ Sollbruchphantasien

    werde ein Aufnahmegerät mitbringen

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