Youtube playlist: Music I liked in ’89

November 24th, 2009

In 1989, I was 12 years old and lived in the DDR (East Germany). Despite the fact that it was something between illegal and heretic to listen to Western radio, most people didn’t seem to care and I switched my SKR 700 to the West German stations NDR2 and FFN, but mainly to the British Army Broadcast BFBS that supplied me with what I liked most: Hip Hop and its house derivates. This way, I learned English but didn’t know any faces or video clips other than those occasionally appearing on “Formel Eins“.

Still, official East German radio had something to offer. Jugendradio DT64 broadcasted complete albums from the West for the intended purpose of listeners recording them on tape at home. That’s how I managed to find my favourite record of 1989: “3 feet high & rising” by De La Soul.

(I also included one track from 1988 into this list because I still played it much: “Doctorin’ The Tardis” by the Timelords aka The KLF)

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  1. e.r. Says:

    funny – same story here, just two years older than you – liked bfbs a lot and also willelm (the bear from the ndr 🙂 – bad sad thing: the old tapes gone with the wind…

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